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Okay well, I haven't been on this in like forever but I really needed to vent so I thought that this would be my best way.

First off I'm pissed that you can't ue color on this, well I don't know how anf shit.

Okay well there is this Juggalo Tubby that I hang out with everyday.
He's a really nice guy, and he's sincere and I really trust him. A lot.
I really hope something comes out of me liking him.
He knows I like him but me and his close friend just broke up.
I'm just scared that I am going to scare him away or something.
Or nothing is going to come out of us liking eachother.
I'm confused, but I really like him.
He makes me laugh all the time and is one of the best people I know.
Deff an amazing juggalo and I really care about him.
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Nate broke up with me
I don't even wanna write ne more
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Okkay.... well the past week I have been in Conecticut with my sister.
It's been okay.
I'm wiicked sick.. of course,I always am over vaca
It pisses me off.
And I hate getting up in the morning
but I am past that now
I like being with my sister
cuz shes amazing so it's cool
but I kinda feel like being alone often and I can not.

I havent tlked to like any of my friends lately and It's driving me crazy
Nate told me he was gonna call me
and didn't
I hate that

And Aaron uuugh.. did something that made me mad.

But I'll write more about it later
riight now I hate life
and wish it would go away
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This weekend has been pretty good=]

Friday Nate came over on the bus and we chilled @ my dads house for like an hour and listened to michael Jackson haha.

Then he came to my mommy's and slept over=].

It was AMAZING. I love all the time I spend with him. He makes me smile constantly, and he is so0o adorable.

HaHa and i had some Yukon Jack.. that shit hit me pretty hard I'm not gonna lie. Hahaha I felt like a RETARD cuz I was all like retarded and started crying like when I was tlking to him about me and him not bieng together and stuff, it was queer, and I feel wiicked stupid, but I blame the alcohol.

Buttt ne ways, he left on Sat @ about 2:30.

Then I went to Mirandas house and we chilled and ate food and she gave me a back massage.

OMG I have SO0o0o many kinks in my back, it's starting to annoy me cuz my back hurts like a fuckin bittch.

But my time with Miranda was extremely fun ( as usual) but I'm not going to get to see her until the weekend of my birfday.

Kyla comes up on Friday to bring my to Connecticut. I am looking forward to getting away.

My easter kinda sucked so far.

My bro started shit with me when my nana and grampa were here so obviously I retaliated and I looked like the bad person, as fuckin usual.

I'll prob get shit for it later but I guess I really don't give a fuck, everyone in my family always seems to be against me, so whatever.

Well I'm out for now I guess.. Happy Easter everyone.

Current Mood: aggravated aggravated

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Ugh.. I slept like SHIT again last night.
I'm so drained, and worn and like uggh I hate it.
But i got to play video games last night=]
for the first time in a while.
And fell asleep to The Lion King
even tho I woke up about 12 times.

I got to tlk to Nate and Miranda before I went to bed last night =]
It made me smile, haha even tho Nate called me dude and it's soo0o akward!
Haha I can't wait to see him in school today.
&& Hopefully Miranda tomorrow!!

Ewww we r having an Easter dinner and I don't want to go but my dad is making me.... I mean we didn't have one last yr.. it just annoys me because I wanted to have it with Miranda and her fmaily... not mine haha which is kinda mean but whatever.

Soooo Vaca is comming up really quickly.
I'm very excited.
I get to go see my sister and this time I wont be all emo and shit hahaha.
So hopefully I'll have a good time.
I think that i might get to pain my room=]
And do some work on the house.
That excited me.
But then  I don't get to see ne of my friends over vaca:-/
Which sucks... but I'll work something out after!

My sweet 16 is comming soon.
Miranda is gonna come up all weekend hopefully=]
&& we gonna go to Chuck E cheese.. with Nate because he loves us!!!
&& peeps cuz we r that cool lol.
I feel like my b-day has already come and gone..
I mean.. I got to see my sister and robb, got to see Evanescence, and got my baby back.. like seriously... its like christmas getting what I want!!! I didn't get to see Miranda or Devyn much tho:-/ Or Crystal.. but I will surely!!!

Well got to get ready for school.
Nate tonight!!!<3<3<3
Gonna be AMAZING.

Pce Peeps.

Current Mood: excited Exhausted

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So I got to talk to Miranda Leigh Launsby today for like EVER!
It made me smile, like a lot haha.
She is my best friend I love her so much.
And the convos we have.. oh the convos. haha.
Hawaii baby, were gonna have to think of something haha.
Were gonna hooker, haha we'll have to to have some money to pay rent haha!
I found out she can't come up this weekend.
But I might be able to go to her house on sat.
:-) .

So my dad pissed me off very much today:-/
We were tlking about Nate comming over and he was like " Keegan I don't want you getting into that situation again" and I was like " Umm what situation" and he's like " with him" I was like " Dad I am going to be with whom ever I want to be with, that is an aspect of my life that you can not change because I love him and I'm going to date him again" and my dad was all " Well you know that I don't like it at all, and I don't see why you want him back, it's stupid." 
So lets just sayhe pissed me off, but this is one part of my life that he CAN NOT control because I love Nate and AM NOT going to let ANYONE get inthe way of our relationship, because right now it is beyond amazing and more than I could ask for.
He is so good to me, and today we tlked online and he was so fuckin adorable. I knowhe loves me, I actually believe he does, and why would he have came back if he didnt?
I really wanna be with him for as long as I can.
He makes me smile in every way possible.
I'm in love with him.. I really am.. I just an not going to tell him that hehe.
He's comming over tomorrow for sure tho:-) hehe.

So we r playing monopoly now.. not that I want to like at all, it's too long but my dad pressured me into playing it.

I miss Nate!
I miss Miranda!
I miss Devyn. 
I miss Crystal.
I miss my sister.
I need to see these people!
DEFFFF Nate && Miranda this weekend.
no doubt.

I'm outt peeps.

Current Mood: happy happy

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Soo0o0 I woke up this morning @ like 7.
I figured it was a snow day because my dad never woke me up=]
I looked outside and everything was frozen and it looked like a blizzard outside!

We lost power for like 4 hours, so I sat up and read Lord Loss again haha.
It's an amazing book I'm not going to lie.

When the power came back I got online and talked to Nate for like 10 mins.
He wanted to know what was going on today cuz he's gonna chill w/ Kristen before he comes over if he can.
Hopefully I'm going to go to mymoms house cuz my vcr is there so I can play video games and hopefully Nate will be able to spend the night, but I'm not totally sure:-/
We can build a snowy man in the snow!

Last night a tree fell over and hit my dads truck.
There is a big dent in the roof and the whole passenger side handle came off.
It was pretty bad:-/.

Now I'm off to do chores, and hopefully tlk to Miranda. I called her eaillier but she ddin't answer!
I'm hopeing to chll with her anf gottasee whats goingon =]

I had the oddest dream last night! It was about me and Devyn and we were in this mall but it was only as big as a house and the second floow was all broken down and like haunted. I was tlking to her about how she got to chill with Dan but she was grounded and then this little clown comes up... it's like a foot big and it glowed red. I was stealing kids cusines out of the freezer and me and Devyn ran away buyt the little clown put off that red glow and warned the people that owned the house. Then children started ot fill the streets and go after me and Devyn. It was fucked up, and it scared me haha.

Well chore time!
Ttyl <3

Current Mood: chipper chipper

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Guess what!
Me and Nate are dating
OMG I am so happy.
I love him.
I needed him.
He makes my life happy.
He makes me smile
and I can't stop being all giggly.
I feel dumb, but I'm in love with him
Shhh don't tell no one!!!!
heheheheh I hope it lasts.
Like so0o long!
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Well my day has gotten SO much better=]

I messaged Nate, and shit, told him that it bothered me what he said.

&& he messaged me back saying he thinks he wants to be with me again=]

Ahhh hehe I'm so0o happy inside you have no idea.

It's pretty awsome

I hope we date again!

I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: excited excited

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School was really queer.
In the morning, Nate kept trying to piss me off tlking about deer and how they shoot them and shit.
I told him to stop, but he likes making me mad apparently.
then he said something about how I still want him.
And started to say " so your telling me if I..nevermind I'm not going to be mean"
It hurt because I don't want every one to know that I love someone and want someone whom I can not get.
It hurts, and it was humiliating and embarrasing and it's like.. it hurts me enough, that kinda pushed it in my face.
Thenn he told me he was kidding and asked for a hug and I said no, tho I really wanted to but I was hurt.
I want him back more than anthing right now.
&& then I was tlking to crystal 3rd block and he came up from behind me and hugged me and did for like a min and it made me smile inside.. made me think of old times, made me miss it even more, but I smiled after it so I guess it's good.

Now I'm home and tired, have a lot of homework, and really dont wanna be around my family.
Ohh joy.
Another entry for tonight.. let's see how it goes heh.

I want you Baby.. So much it hurts:-/

Miranda Leigh Launsby is my savior.
We better chill this weekend or I'm gonna go cRAZY

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